Oral Hygiene

We are dedicated to providing good oral health for our patients and have adopted a preventative approach to dentistry. Our hygienists work alongside our dentists to give you and your family comprehensive preventative dental care.

Oral Hygiene Patient

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Clinical studies have proven that regular treatment by a hygienist will help keep your teeth and gums healthy, your smile whiter and your breath fresher. Scaling eliminates the hard calculus that forms on the teeth and which cannot be removed by brushing alone. The hygienist will then polish your teeth tackling the stains that are caused by eating and drinking or smoking.

Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. Bacteria thrive in the plaque and tartar on your teeth, causing gum irritation and bleeding. If left unresolved this will eventually result in the gums becoming infected causing teeth to become loose. Regular professional removal of bacteria and plaque by the hygienist is essential in maintaining healthy gums.

Both our hygienists, Siobain and Miranda are highly qualified and very experienced in their field. As well as professionally cleaning your teeth they will give you advice on your diet and show you how to keep your teeth and gums in good shape at home.

Miranda Miller
Siobain White

Miranda Miller & Siobain White


Worried about your visit? There's no need to worry, our resident hygienists have years of experience and can provide you with quality treatment and helpful advice.

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